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At Hero Restoration, we service all parts of Georgia, including Calhoun, Cartersville, Rome and Dalton.

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Roofing Contractor In Calhoun, GA

At Hero Restoration, we strive to bring quality roofing servies to all parts of Georgia. But, we are especially excited to be serviving the home owners of Calhoun, Cartersville, and Dalton, GA. When it comes to home renovations and roof restoration originating from storm or weather damage, Hero Restorations will assist you all the way through the insurance claim process. We have agents standing by in your area, dedicated to answering questions about roofing and gutter repair. Click on the question below to get an answer:

Will my insurance premiums increase if i file a claim?

Answer: No. Most homeowners don’t realize they can file up to 3 home damage claims in 2 years without any increase to your premium. Please understand that storm damage doesn’t have to be downer. Your dedicated Hera Restoration agent will sit with you to file the insurance claim, walking you through the process.

What costs are associated with roof replacement?

Answer: Only the deductible. If theres enough damage to produce a legitimate claim, the insurance companies will completetly pay for the roof replacement, and any other damages associated with leaks. This includes sheet rock, paint, and flooring. You only have to pay the deductible of your insurance premium, usually around $500-$1000.

Do you have financial assistance?

Answer: Yes we do. Most homeowners arent expecting hail damage or wind damage to their roof, and funds aren’t always there. We partner with a company that solely finances restorations and repairs, typically 12 month, No interest. In Calhoun, GA there is bound to be some hail storms. Even if you are not prepared, we can help.

How do I file an insurance claim?

Answer: Call Hero Restoration to come by for a free certified inspection first. We will do all the hard work like climbing on the roof, and in the attic. We also use drones to get detailed shots of the roof to use for insurance inspections. Now insurance companies do not like paying claims, so we will call them the day of the inspection, right from your home. Our certified roofing inspectors will stay until the claim is fully filed. Then, when the insurance adjuster comes to inspect the roof, our agents will be there to point out any roof damage, gutter damage, sheet-rock damage, interior flooring or wall damage, and provide insight to the insurance adjuster, about hidden damage like mold or mildew.

At Hero Restoration, we are dedicated to sevicing the Northwest Georgia area, including Gordon County, Bartow County and Whitfiled County. Our inspections are FREE, so even if you think you may have a leak, or some sort of visible damage, please reach out to us. Let Hero Restorations so all the work for you.

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